Ben Siebert Tattoo

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Portrait by  Matt Langbehn

Portrait by Matt Langbehn

Ben Siebert, Great Wave Tattoo's co-owner, started tattooing in his home state of Kansas in 2006. Working under Kevin Wathke and Steven Turner of Hellbomb Tattoo, Ben's instinctual drive was a thriving force in quick progress. He began getting tattooed by Jason Brooks at a young age, and in 2010 moved to Austin to join Great Wave Tattoo months after its establishment. Since then, Ben continues to push the limits of style and consistency in large scale Japanese tattooing with refinement and dedication to his craft, on a level that not many people can keep up with. Ben has an ego devoid of the personification of the level of his work; a true gem for this day and age in modern tattooing.

In 2015 when Jason Brooks decided to move the shop to a bigger location, Ben became partners with his mentor, and helped hand-pick a crew that keeps the original mentality of the shop alive. Ben's talent in tattooing and art is truly beyond words. His skilled execution of large scale Japanese and American tattooing is accompanied by an equally gifted ability to create incredible smaller tattoos, showing that more than anything else, he values putting every ounce of his energy into each tattoo no matter the size.