James Yocum Tattoo

Email: jamesyocumtattoos@gmail.com | Instagram: @james_yocum | Website: https://jamesyocum.bigcartel.com/

Portrait by  Matt Langbehn

Portrait by Matt Langbehn

James Yocum learned how to tattoo in 2006, and while working under his friend and colleague Tick at Black Rat Tattoo in Las Cruces, New Mexico, started cutting his teeth as a tattooer and an artist. Frequent visits to Jay Cavna's Sanctity Tattoo and Aaron Coleman's Immaculate Tattoo furthered his tattooing progression, and still makes trips to these shops to date. James' traveling seems to bring him a bottomless source of inspiration, and drives his stylistic development with every tattoo he does. After moving to Dallas to work at Saints and Sinners Tattoo, James added Great Wave as a frequent stop in his travels.

For the past 3 years as a full time member of Great Wave Tattoo, he has been an invaluable source of inspiration to the entire crew. James is a diverse and talented tattooer, and his wildly creative approach to the Texas style of classic Americana that Great Wave Tattoo is known for brings an exciting spin to the shop on a daily basis. James has a work ethic that is unsurpassed, constantly creating flash and paintings that grace the walls of shops world-wide. James Yocum is truly a class act in tattooing. 

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