Jason Brooks Tattoo

Email: jasonbrookstattoo@gmail.com | Instagram: @jason_brooks_tattoo

Photo by  Matt Langbehn

Photo by Matt Langbehn

Jason Brooks started tattooing in 1992. He spent the first five years of his career tattooing in south Florida, then moved to Austin in 1997. He has been crafting one of the most impressive bodies of work in modern tattooing since. Jason's world renowned explosive approach to American and Japanese tattoo application is accompanied by one of the most genuine and humble personalities in the industry, leaving a working model for the entire crew of Great Wave Tattoo to live and create by. Jason spends countless hours pushing his craft as an artist, and after over 25 years as a tattooer, still finds a way to fine tune his unmatched combination of strength and masterful draftsmanship in designs on traveling collectors and local clients alike. Having worked alongside Chris Trevino of Perfection Tattoo for many years sparked a heightened interest in Japanese compositions, and continues to take on projects on a full-body scale to date. 

After working at Perfection, Jason's first endeavor as a shop owner came in the form of Rock of Ages Tattoo in Austin, Texas. After operating it from 2005-2009, Jason started Great Wave Tattoo. Great Wave's work environment is one of serious ethics, approachability, and a hint of the old ways of the tattoo pirates that inspire a large majority of the entire tattoo community; something so rarely combined these days that it made Great Wave Tattoo a must-see for any traveling tattooer or collector. For many years, Jason collected original tattoo artwork and historically important images, and the walls of Great Wave mimic that of a working tattoo museum, all adding to the draw the shop has to enthusiasts.

Jason Brooks' continual chase for mastery makes an apparent impression on the style of many, but is executed with an ease that is not able to be replicated. Simply put, Jason Brooks is and continues to be one of the greatest living American tattooers.

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